Gary Patterson, 47 Year member of Livonia Rotary, was honored with the prestigious Paul Harris Award with the acknowledgement and appreciation of Jim Slocum.






Many Thanks to two Livonia High School Juniors, Lauren McCarron and Lindsey Adams for their participation and service for the Livonia Rotary Coat, Hat, and Glove Drive.


This week Ian Coyle was sworn in as the newest member of the Livonia Rotary Club.
Ian is the current Livingston County Administrator and a resident of Livonia.
Left to right- Acting President John Haugh,
Ian Coyle, and sponsors Eric Gott and Ralph Parker.

Livonia Rotary Longtimers
Recently, the Livonia Rotary Club acknowledged and honored 10 fellow members who collectively have served 433 years in the Livonia Club, with the longest member serving for 61 years. Members with their respective number of years in parenthesis are:
Top Row: Kevin Dougherty (42), Bill Brennan (33), Sam West (36), Gary Patterson (46), Dave Woodruff (43),
Bottom Row: Ralph Parker (49), Ed Schubert (48), Max Thomas (61), Tim Wahl (30).
Absent from photo: Jim Slocum (45) & John Connelly (30).

Held at the United Methodist Church of Livonia on February 27, 2017